Web Design Process
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Web Design Process

Web Design Process

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The Web Design Process

The web design process that we'll go through can be easily broken down in to 7 simple steps.

All contact will be done via email which will allow me to have a written record of everything you want, allowing for a quicker development.

Most projects take 6 to 12 weeks to complete.

1. Information

To begin, I'll need to know what it is you want. I'll find out everything you have in mind for the site; what it will be called, what it is for, what you want it to do, what colour scheme you'd like, what style you'd like, what features you'd like etc. The more detail the better to help me get started with a clear vision of what you need. Of course if you don't have anything specific in mind and want me to come up with the ideas for you that's absolutely fine too.

2. Design

Now for the exciting bit. Based on what you've requested (or what I've come up with if you have no specific ideas) I'll create a design mock-up for you. This will just be an image for now and will show you what your completed site will look like if you're happy with that version.

3. Approval

You can request any changes you'd like at this point so we can move on with what looks best to you. It's harder to make changes in the middle of a build so now's the time to get it right for a speedy development. If you want something repositioned, added, removed or changed entirely, let me know. When you're happy, give me the go-ahead to begin building your website.

4. Develop

You've told me what you want, you've reviewed and approved the design and now it's time to get building. This is the longest part of the process. Depending on the size and complexity of the site you want, this should take around 6-12 weeks. Sometimes it takes less (and can occasionally take more if the site is bigger). I'll keep you updated on progress as I go so you can rest assured that your site is coming along nicely.

5. Polish

Once the site has been built and is in a usable state I'll upload it to the internet so you can get your hands on it and "give it a go". It can be behind a password if you like so nobody but you and I can see it yet. At this point it still needs a lick of paint and some polish. This is where I make sure all parts of the site are responsive and made to look as good as they can on any screen size, many placeholder elements are finalised and any optimisations are made for faster loading.

6. Content

Now that the structure and design of the site is complete it's time for you to add the content. You can do this yourself if you like or you can send me what you want added and I'll get it done for you. The site will be built with placeholder text and images up to this point so it's time to replace that with relevant content for your visitors.

7. Launch

At this point your website is complete and ready to go live to the world. Exciting! Let me know when you're ready and it'll be done. Your site will be submitted to Google and other search engines and will have some basic SEO elements to help with search rankings so your customers can better find you.