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Aidan Gartland
Website Designer & Developer

Aidan - Castria Web Design Newcastle

Hi, I'm Aidan.

I've always been a bit of a computer nerd. I enjoy creating things and since I'm useless with my hands I always knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to create things on computers; websites, videos, music, images, logos, magazines, flyers, games. I dabble in it all but web design is where I spend my time.

I went to Northumbria University to learn "I.T. and Multimedia Design" which allowed me to try my hand at nearly everything I just mentioned. Web design really grabbed me here and so this is where I decided to focus my efforts.

I'm self employed and have been making websites for people since 2008. I used to operate under the name "2nd Render Media" but I decided after a decade a re-brand was long overdue (and I always kind of hated the old name) and so Castria was born.

A Few Fun Facts About Aidan

I love tea (Yorkshire Gold) and coffee. I'm a cat person but I love other people's dogs. Rugby Union is my sport. I'm not a big drinker but bourbon or Kraken rum are my tipples of choice. Pizza is the best food there is. I enjoy oil painting while watching along to Bob Ross. When I was 5 we lived in Chillingham Castle all to ourselves for a few days thanks to a renovation. Yorkshire puddings belong on a Christmas dinner. I make websites.

Jakob Eichhorn
Project Manager & SEO Expert

Jakob - Castria Web Design Newcastle

Hi, I'm Jakob.

My contribution to our websites projects is two-fold. On the one hand I know enough about the tech world that I can communicate with programmers to give them everything they need to effectively work. On the other hand I really enjoy bringing talented and motivated people together.

I'm definitely not the type of project manager that focuses on KPIs over actual results. I care about giving you great results that meet and exceed your expectations. For that we are ever improving our processes and making sure that Castria runs like a well oiled machine.

As you have probably noticed by my name, face or style of writing, I'm not a native speaker. Yet, I do love the English language and some of my oldest and fondest friendships are with English folks. One of those people is Aidan.

A Few Fun Facts About Jakob

Over the course of my life I have played well over 30,000 games of FreeCell on Windows. At age 26, having only got my driver's license six weeks prior, I drove my Volkswagen T3 camping van from South Germany all the way up to Finland. I crossed Denmark and Sweden on my way up and took the ferry for the watery bit between Sweden and Finland. Upon arrival I felt proud and sincerely appreciative of the people who built my navigation system. On the way back I got to experience a little bit of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. 17 days and 5000km later I returned as a halfway decent driver.

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About Castria

So what's in a name? I make websites for people all around the country but, being based in the Newcastle and Gateshead area, I wanted a name to subtly reflect this.

Novo Castria is the Latin name for Newcastle. I'm not sure when I first heard this but I always liked it and I suppose it stuck around in the back of my head for years. So I dropped the "Novo" bit and kept the Castria. Finally a name I actually like for my business.

The aim of Castria is to offer the friendliest service in web design Newcastle & Gateshead has to offer. My focus is on creating websites for small businesses that serve their local area, new or old. Coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, butchers, bakers, candle stick makers plus any number of others you can think of.

If you would like a website or have any questions at all please get in touch below. I would love to get you and your business established online.

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